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In 2011, the Pakistani IT industry was not in its best form. There were very few local software related companies, moreover start-ups. Pakistan was also at the bottom of the list in performance when compared to other similar East-Asian countries. That’s when a group of like-minded university grads came together to change this notion.

Just like any other start-up, BrandJaws was made up with a party of 4. For the first few years, we gained our footing and step by step worked with clients from all across the globe. Gradually, with enough market recognition and experience, our business launched as a legitimate company.

Most companies focus on getting the biggest grab, meaning clients and deals. However, at BrandJaws it is more about customer and client relationships.

After sealing deals with large organizations such as Phillip Morris and Marlboro, we knew BrandJaws was going to make a difference.

Web development and UI/UX designs was one of our initial services and most popular choice. With this, we also provided maintenance and support services to ensure our product is running smoothly. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, BrandJaws is also emphasizing on virtual teams. Not only does this help us, but ensures potential clients to give us a chance.

At BrandJaws, we are all about building strong relationships with our clients, one based on honesty and trust. By promising quality, time and assurance we ensure our product delivers the results you desire. We don’t take on work for which we can not deliver results, unlike most software businesses. We take product ownership very seriously. We understand and believe in what our clients envision for their companies. And so, we also know what it means to deliver top-of-game results.

We are Brandjaws; Our mission is to build a professional partnership with our client, based on honesty and trust; and delivering the promised product at the promised time.

We Work With

We have extensive experience in working with a wide variety of industries including Real Estate, Technology, Retail, Food and Beverages, Maintenance Services, Fashion, Lifestyle, Consultancy, Health and Fitness, Manufacturing, Clothing, Shoes, Watches, Ecommerce and others.

Start-up Website and Apps
Mid-level Website and Apps
Multinationals Website and Apps
Web and Mobile App Development Agencies
Website Design and Development Agencies

BrandJaws changing the world’s perception of technology

We offer our partners not just the product but the solution. Our team is striving for the unmatchable end-to-end solution; providing complete maintenance and support services. We challenge the boundaries and set new standards in the field of technology. We focus on agility and optimality of the product delivered to customers as customer satisfaction is our first priority. We believe in compatibility, adaptability, and mutual cooperation to help you take your business to new heights of technology.

BrandJaws helps businesses go online and succeed. We work with more than 100 clients from 5 countries.

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Fahad Mansoor
Founder & CEO

In 2005, Fahad Mansoor Mirza started working in the IT industry while he was a university student. He noticed that most of their American or UK-based clients were not always satisfied with the outcome of the products being promised. Our companies were just not performing as well as they should be in the international market. The company culture was not as promising either.

Having gained some experience as a business development and project manager in a few local firms and 5+ years of experience in the Pakistani IT industry, Fahad knew just what our industry was lacking in. Constant trust and improvement. It’s not about winning the race, but running the marathon. So after his MBA in Marketing, Fahad decided it was time to bring a game-changer to the Pakistan IT industry.

Our number one priority is client satisfaction, which is the reason why most of our long-term clients have been working with us for the past 7-8 years. From working with institutions like McGill University, international corporations like L&M, to our popular local businesses, we understand every clients’ needs.

I hope working with us would be an amazing experience for your business as much as it is for us.

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At BrandJaws, we vow to convert your vision in to an effectively formulated solution; whether it be an efficient web or mobile app, skillfully designed website or a high-returning E-commerce solution.


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