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Three ways 24/7 service has enhanced customer’s experience

The new era of technology and globalization has reshaped the business dynamics and so...

Hassan Siraj April 24, 2020

Four characteristics of Powerful User Interface Design

In the time of pandemic Covid-19, the recent shift towards online business and work...

Bilal Yaqub April 13, 2020

Agile Process Serving at its Best

The agile process is accumulated from the professional analysis from project experiences of IT...

Hassan Siraj April 9, 2020

Web-based Application A Budding Asset

Modernizing today’s business systems by switching to web-based applications yields a wide range of...

Hassan Siraj April 7, 2020

Covid-19 and Cyber Security Challenges

Pandemic Disease: Covid-19 is not just a pandemic disease, it is a challenge for...

Hassan Siraj March 27, 2020

Covid-19 Reshaping The Work Culture

The pandemic disease Corona virus and its outbreak have generated an alarming situation, where...

Bilal Yaqub March 16, 2020

Good Design leads to a Good business

Whenever the idea of a software solution is discussed, the concept of design cannot...

Hassan Siraj March 9, 2020

Mobile Application, The Need Of Business

In the era of mobile application technology where mobiles are assisting humans in every...

Bilal Yaqub March 4, 2020

Virtual Team: Team of techies on the go

The job of a virtual team is very much similar to the onsite team,...

Hassan Siraj March 2, 2020

Is Enterprise solution A Worthwhile Investment?

The fast-emerging technology has transformed the world into a digital community. This transformation has...

Hassan Siraj February 18, 2020

What? How? and Why to choose End to End Solution?

In the fast pacing tech area, the software solutions are no more confined to...

Bilal Yaqub February 3, 2020