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Protect Your Application from Cyber Threats

The IT companies are focusing more on mobile applications due to vast utility. Now…

Hassan Siraj September 9, 2020

Pakistan: the hub of Tech Outsourcing!

Since the advent of technology world seems more connected than ever. Businesses are no…

Hassan Siraj August 21, 2020

How Technology helped Implementing Smart Lockdown

The spike in the coronavirus has created an alarming situation in Pakistan after the…

Bilal Yaqub July 9, 2020

How to make an Application design work

Design serves as the backbone of the project and designing an application is not…

Hassan Siraj July 6, 2020

The Right Choice of Software Architecture

Most of the time, it happens that when we open an old application we…

Hassan Siraj June 16, 2020

Mobile Application, The Need Of Business

In the era of mobile application technology where mobiles are assisting humans in every...

Bilal Yaqub March 4, 2020