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Mobile Application August 24, 2022

Beginners Guide to Web and Mobile Design and Development

Writen by admin_new_bj

Beginners Guide to Web and Mobile Design and Development


Web and Mobile Design help escalate and promote your business’s revenue. Businesses are often confused between options for a web or mobile application when taking their business to the next step. Both options carry their own advantages and disadvantages.

Web Application

Web design and development is the umbrella term used to identify all the processes involved in making and creating a website for yourself or your brand. This term has existed since the existence of websites.

Web design

Web design is related to the mood and feel of the website. What kind of customers are you trying to attract to your business? What impression do you want to leave on people visiting or browsing through your website?

Web Development

It is related to the technical creation process of the website. It involves both front-end and back-end development of the website. Developers use many languages such as HTML, CSS, or Javascript for the front-end development of the website. Meanwhile creating a database and management system is related to the4 back-end development of a website.

Constituents of Web Design

1. Layout

Also known as the arrangement of your content, it determines whether a potential will stay on your website or leave immediately- never to visit again. When determining web design and development the layout should consider what age group you are targetting. For example, adolescents prefer minimalistic designs while millennials may prefer some more details and text.

2. Visuals

Also includes the layout of information on your website. The size, color, and font of the website will determine how easy the information provided on your website will navigate to customers.

3. Navigation

This includes menus, subcategories, and the website’s skeletal structure. Effective navigation will help users find what they are looking for quickly. It is an essential factor in web design and development

4. Color

The color of your brand determines the mood of your brand. It radiates that energy onto customers. The color theme of your website should be aligned with the brand’s theme.

Mobile Application

Similar to web applications, mobile applications operate through the connection of the internet with a mobile device. These apps have to first be installed on your device before you can operate the application.

Mobile applications are usually made for the ease of customers and to accumulate them onto one platform, decreasing the user traffic on their website. Mobile apps also make the process of browsing and purchasing faster than when ordering through the website.

Mobile Design

These are the initial steps involved with making a mobile application development. These include the concept, layout, and theme of the website.

Mobile Application Development

Consists of the technical steps involved with creating and then launching the application. This includes the coding, database, and front and back-end development before the official launch of the application.

Constituents of Mobile Application Development

Similar to web applications, mobile applications involve the same elements as before. The only added factor is the layout which has to be similar, but easy to navigate through a mobile device. This means you have to try integrating the same features or more that you have on your website.