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Enterprise solution Mobile Application Virtual Team Web Application July 9, 2020

How Technology helped Implementing Smart Lockdown

Writen by Bilal Yaqub

The spike in the coronavirus has created an alarming situation in Pakistan after the ease in lockdown. Around the mid of June, the World Health Organization urged the country to implement smart lockdown in the vulnerable areas of coronavirus. When the number of cases exceeded 155,000 government started considering the option on a serious note and started imposing lockdown on the areas widely affected by the pandemic. In order to achieve successful results, the government needed highly précised data and accurate disease and location information. The information has helped to seal the specific area instead of halting the entire country. This process is only achievable with the help of technology and software that are highly precise and efficient in generating reliable data and location details.

The technology of machine learning was brought in to use to achieve the targeted goals. The initial data is gathered by the government’s personals working in the field to record the information through a smartphone application in real-time. This data has gone through the technical analysis of mathematical and epidemiological algorithms.

To obtain geographical information about physical on the ground situation the spatial analysis was conducted, SEIR prediction modes, GIS, and satellite images to attain the information of population and number of residents to forecast the upcoming situation.

The result:

The use of multilayered technology, algorithms, and software applications started showing positive results in terms of decrease ratio of new cases and better management strategies during the smart lockdown. It has helped the government to identify the clusters of patients suffering in specific areas. The government was assisted to foresee the expected areas vulnerable to the disease and appropriate control in the areas where the cluster of patients was observed.

The role of technology:

With the help of technology, the report generated from the information of current cases and upcoming cases has not only assisted government but also remained fruitful for the paramedics. The comparison of hospital data with centralized data has helped to improve the records and also provided better preparedness by increasing the capacity for patients.

The role of technology in making smart lock down a successful strategy was highly appreciated by the higher authorities and the results were more visible in less duration due to the system’s accurate and precise data generating quick and refined result leading towards the efficient response against the pandemic without creating any panic and havoc. The situation created by this virus has proved that technology is not only an integral part of today’s human but a lifesaver tool as well.

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