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Enterprise solution Mobile Application Web Application September 9, 2020

Protect Your Application from Cyber Threats

Writen by Hassan Siraj

The IT companies are focusing more on mobile applications due to vast utility. Now mobile phones have taken over all the devices that were individually performing daily life tasks. It is all merged in one handy mobile. This has resulted in increased growth of the mobile market but it is accompanied by certain security challenges that need to be addressed. The cyber-attacks and malicious viruses attacking mobile devices are also getting very common. Now the countermeasures need to be taken in serious account to avoid this alarming increase in the security breach by avoiding cyber threats.

Ensure Regular Testing

The good news is that with the increase of cyber the threat, the developers are also getting aware of countermeasures. They are focusing on security status more than before. The best way is to do recursive testing. Mobile applications can be more secure if the security testing is equally done as application testing.

Continuous testing can eliminate recurring threats as well which confirming the long run secure application connection. It can be done by emulation, threat modelling, and infiltration testing. It is better to be prepared before the attack by launching necessary security measures well in time.

One of the best ways app development companies can protect their apps is by ensuring continuous testing. Regular checks for vulnerabilities can be performed by investing in emulators, threat modeling, and penetration testing. Don’t wait until there is an attack before launching security actions. During security testing, the patches should be released from time to time.

Adopt High-Level Authentication

The major reason behind the security breaches is the lack of a strong authentication system. Weak authentication can put your mobile application into grave damage. This is why it is strongly advised to keep the authentication mechanism strong as it is important for both app development companies and developers to utilize the strongest authentication processes to guard and protect mobile apps.

This includes personal identifiers, passwords, biometric authentication, fingerprints, retina scans, insecurity assessment to the apps. With these authenticators, it’s difficult for intruders to access the app. There are various types of authentication measures developers can adopt to improve their security.

Use Only Secure Code

When we talk of dealing with the challenges of cyber threats for mobile applications, coding can play an important role Generally, attackers find it easy to break into an app that has bugs and vulnerabilities in its code. An app is 50 percent safe from cyber-attacks when the code is pure, safe, and secure. It should be taken in to account not to use a general code that is publicly available. There are chances that the code that is publicly available is actually a trap by some hacker. It is recommended to write your own code.

Following these simple steps can be a life saver for your application and can eliminate the majority of cyber threats.

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