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Enterprise solution Mobile Application Virtual Team Web Application August 21, 2020

Pakistan: the hub of Tech Outsourcing!

Writen by Hassan Siraj

Since the advent of technology world seems more connected than ever. Businesses are no more limited to geographical boundaries. Organizations prefer to focus more on talent competency and affordability than the geographical limitations. Outsourcing professionals across the oceans is the new trend that has actually revolutionized the industrial dynamics. When it comes to technological industry, Pakistan comes as a brilliant option for outsourcing.

The IT industry of Pakistan has contributed 100pc in the export industry from the past five years.
The IT export remittances have surged to the US $1.003 billion at a growth rate of 23.42% over the
first 10 months of FY 2019-20 (July – April. Speaking of the IT industry and its rapid growth it is
essential to talk about the factors that play a vital role.

Let’s discuss why Pakistan should be your go-to place for tech outsourcing!

Pakistan heading towards 5G

IT industry is considered as the star industry of Pakistan due to rapid advancement. It is the first country in South East Asia to test 5G technology. This revolution is definitely going to be the game changer as it opens door to multiple opportunities. This technological advancement can result in improved connectivity, efficiency, less power consumption and better performance.

Ever-Growing Startup Incubators

The new generation of Pakistan is loaded with immense talent and creativity. It is more inclined towards entrepreneurship and startups. In order to cope up in the competitive environment , entrepreneur’s multiple startup incubators have accelerated with diversity of mentoring and training options.

The transformation in the IT industry has brought it in to attend and many foreign companies are investing in Pakistan by outsourcing the IT projects. The passion of Pakistan’s youth in the IT industry can be witnessed around the globe with promising results and quality products.

Business-Friendly Country

In contrary to general perception, Pakistan is a business-friendly country. While considering it business-friendly there are two perspectives one is the legal and the other is cultural. Talking of a legal perspective, the laws and regulations are quite relaxed. Pakistan has improved 11 spots, quoted by the Ease of Doing Business rankings by the World Bank. The country offers tax incentives for various sectors. Also, it eagerly aims to improve its exports and has easier tax regulations. It is also important to talk about the relatively weak value of Pakistan’s currency, Rupee. Despite multifaceted challenges, Pakistan was considered Asia’s best-performing stock market in 2016.

When it comes to cultural perspective, due to colonial history of Pakistan most of the people can communicate well in English. It is the official language of Pakistan, hence making communication easier. It helps to over come the cultural hinderance due to understanding of global language and promotes connectivity.

Pakistanis know the business

Global companies are investing in Pakistan because of ethical conduct, ease of communication, and quality results at affordable prices. This bond of trust is the result of hard work, professional conduct, and competence depicted by the IT industry. BrandJaws has the honor to represent Pakistan and its IT industry on international forums. BrandJaws has been a part of multiple global projects and received a gratified clientele. It proudly represents the national spirit of its origin by delivering the jaw-dropping results that will create the difference. Our team of techies has the most creative and talented professionals on board.

The software development companies have always delivered the results that speak for themselves. The professionalism of the IT teams depicts their passion and our national spirit to go the extra mile for the client by providing outclass results. Pakistan’s IT industry never fails to amaze the world with high quality and reliable products.

If you are wondering where to outsource your next project, you’ve got your answer!

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