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Design May 20, 2022

Shopify Vs. Ecommerce

Writen by admin_new_bj

Shopify Vs. Ecommerce

The pandemic proved more than ever how well an eCommerce business or Shopify store could float even at times when the stock market couldn’t. If you are considering starting a business, having your products available online should be your number one priority.

When it comes to building an online store, one might be confused between using Shopify or building their own website. We are here to make that decision easier for you.

Distinction by Definition

Shopify is used in website design. By now, they have garnered over 1 million businesses to avail of their services.

When it comes to building your own eCommerce solution, you can also integrate other features such as blogging, producing videos, and other multimedia for promoting your brand.

Suitability for Beginners

If you are a beginner with no prior experience with website design, then we recommend using Shopify. Shopify will provide you with a domain and hosting provider.

If you consider making the Ecommerce website by yourself, then you will have to hire a web developer and hosting services.

The Building Process

Considering time constraints or savings, Shopify will save you a lot of time. It will take you merely a day to design your website through it. Shopify also provides a 14-day free trial so that clients can get a feel of the website before committing long-term to it.

When it comes to manual website design, your eCommerce website will take a couple of days or weeks depending on how much you’re outsourcing or paying a business development firm. Not to mention the time spent finding developers for website design, hosting providers, and SSL installation.

Themes and Templates

Shopify has a lot of themes to match the image of your brand. The fee can range from anywhere $0 – $200.

On the other hand, a custom-made eCommerce website will give you immense space for creativity. This will give you an opportunity to provide the most optimal theme for your website. Other than that, you can find website builders which cost way less than Shopify with more variety to offer.

Accessibility and Functionality

Shopify offers you services that detect fraud, a variety of payment methods, application integration features, and much more.

With your own eCommerce website, you will have to consider searching for the most suitable extensions and payment methods that suit your target customers.

Shopify features a high number of services when it comes to growing and promoting your business. These include marketing tools and SEO tools.

With your self-made eCommerce website, the situation will be a little different. If you’re a tech-savvy person and know what the internet has to offer, then you can utilize much more than what Shopify has to offer.

That being said, it totally depends on your time and resources regarding which option to choose from. Shopify is for beginners, someone who has never stepped foot into the eCommerce industry before.

On the other hand, making your own website will provide you with a lot of learning experience and knowledge which will cost you in the form of time and money. This is also more suitable if you ever plan to merge or venture with other businesses.