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Web Application February 6, 2023

The Importance of WordPress Template Hierarchy For Faster Development

Writen by admin_new_bj

The Importance of WordPress Template Hierarchy For Faster Development

Making a WordPress hierarchy theme is not difficult. By starting with the fundamentals, you can quickly dive into WordPress theme creation. But you need to know how the WordPress template and theme hierarchy work before you start working on the more difficult parts of WordPress development in Liverpool.

What is WordPress Template Hierarchy?

Each component of a WordPress site has a template, which can change depending on the theme, as it is a dynamic website.

WordPress loads a page in response to each query that is generated. In order to provide the appropriate output, this query traverses the template.

Therefore, WordPress uses a mechanism called the “template hierarchy” to decide which template files should be loaded first in order to show the chosen webpage on your website. Web design in Liverpool can help you understand the basic procedure.

How Does The WordPress Template Works?

WordPress enables you to use various page types based on what you want to post. You can use the following seven main categories:

  • Landing page
  • Single posts
  • Single pages
  • Dynamic post types
  • Search pages
  • Tag pages
  • Error pages

The above pages have their own unique, so they require separate template files. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand the basic functions of these files, in that case, WordPress development in Liverpool can provide strategic solutions.

How does WordPress Template Hierarchy Works?

The query string tells WordPress which template or group of templates to use to make the page look how it does.

In other words, WordPress looks through the template until it locates a template file that matches. This is how it goes:

  • WordPress begins by reading the user’s input or query string.
  • It examines the current theme being used by the specific website.
  • After determining which page is being asked by comparing the query string and query type, it downloads the appropriate template.
  • Verify whether the first template file is accessible.
  • Display it if it’s available; if not, move on to the following file in the list.
  • In the absence of anything, show the index.php file.

What is the purpose of Template Hierarchy in WordPress?

To simply change your WordPress blogs, you require a template hierarchy. A template hierarchy may also be required for the following reasons:

  • At any time, tell WordPress which template files from a theme to utilize.
  • You have the advantage of being able to change your themes to suit your needs.
  • It improves the user’s comprehension of the theme.
  • It maintains order in the WordPress platform.

If you are not getting the desired results from the setup of your WordPress website, Web design in Liverpool can help you understand the purpose of template hierarchy.

Child Themes in the WordPress Template Hierarchy

The WordPress template hierarchy also supports child themes.

Your best option if you want to modify the WordPress theme is to use a child theme. You can safely alter your themes by adding a second level to the template hierarchy for each page type you use. If you find any difficulty, see WordPress Development in Liverpool for assistance.


If you want to create custom themes and alter the WordPress theme file structure, it is better to understand the WordPress template hierarchy. You can quickly locate the appropriate template files to update and customize. Once your WordPress hosting is set up and your servers are running, you may now understand how the template hierarchy works, Otherwise, Web Design in Liverpool offers you a variety of solution