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Enterprise solution November 7, 2022

Turning a WordPress Website into a Mobile Application Service

Writen by admin_new_bj

Turning a WordPress Website into a Mobile Application Service


In today’s market needs, it’s important to have smart-phone accessible content which allows your consumers to access your content easily. One would wonder why you need an application when you already have a website accessible through a mobile browser.

Mobile application services and websites serve different purposes. Having one of each will help you cover all those features allowing you to provide your consumers with the best of both worlds.

Web Application Development

Almost 50% of mobile users say they find new brands and products through google. As a website, your brand can be accessible to anyone using any sort of smartphone. Therefore, it is essential you invest in WordPress development when it comes to your brand and website.


To add on, it is important that your website is mobile-friendly as a slow or unappealing interface can lead your visitors to avoid visiting again. They rather use a website that loads faster and is easier to navigate.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps, on the other hand, help you retain customers. They provide smoother performance, faster loading, better user interface, and personalized features such as push notifications and utilizing your touch ID and camera for face ID lock.

Mobile application services focus on personalizing features depending on your device. Hence, giving you a better and more improved experience; often upgrading with features specific to certain smartphone models.


All in all, having a website plus a mobile app can enable you to retain the maximum amount of customers. As both will cater to two different segments in your customer base.

Mobile App Development Agencies

When it comes to mobile application services, there are many routes you can take to get there. Specific firms take the burden off your hands as it is a costly and time-consuming process. Completion of the project will depend on how much you are willing to pay.

Doing it Yourself

On the other hand, there are many tools you can use to create an app yourself rather than attaining mobile application services. Mind you, you will need a basic understanding of code development.

WordPress Development

WordPress development is also a good option. WordPress itself provides users with a plugin and skilled developers. This can cost a fraction of what you may be paying mobile app developers.

WordPress development is also much faster than mobile application development. This is because you have to come up with features that can easily be attained by all interfaces and don’t have to worry about face ID locks or touch IDs.

Final Step: Do a Test Run

Quality Assurance is the final step when it comes to mobile or web development. You need to do a test run on your product before launching it into the market. Any error or bugs can result in an unwelcoming experience for your users and leave a mark on your brand’s reputation. So make to run a test first.