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Web Application May 30, 2022

Web Application Development for Beginners

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Web Application Development for Beginners

A web development agency is responsible for creating designs, developing them, and testing and ensuring it runs smoothly. When a business wants to expand its platform to a web-based application, they choose to create its own web application.

These websites enable customers and visitors to interact with the business which is then running on a web server, serving their customers.

Types of Web Applications

E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are a useful way for businesses to sell their products and services online. These websites enable customers to be able to pay online through electronic payments using their credit cards, debit cards, and other payment methods such as PayPal or Easypaisa.

When maintaining an online business using a website, you will require a separate team that controls the management of the website. In this case, you may hire a web development agency that usually provides these services along with developing and updating your website regularly.

Portal Web Applications

These applications allow businesses to own unique interfaces that serve the needs of their customers.

Portal web application is different from the usual web application development in the sense that it required users to log in on the website using a secure area such as making an account or not logging in through public wifis.

Content Management Systems

This type of application is commonly used by businesses to manage their web content. A content management system allows for multiple creators to create, edit and develop the website. This content is stored in a database where it can be accessed by multiple creators or contributors.

This service can be provided by a web development agency. Content Management Systems allow for smooth workflow management and customize contributor privileges such as how much access each contributor can get.


Front-End Frameworks

Front-end frameworks are part of the web application database which interacts with the users. This includes page layout, design, and user engagement with the website. In more technical terms, this includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Using front-end frameworks can save you a lot of time as a business owner. These frameworks do not require you to code your website from scratch and instead teach you the basics of developments and learn about the features you can use and implement in them.

Back-End Frameworks

This is more related to the server-side activities of the website. It consists of a database, server, and code which will be used for the website to interact with the customer. In layman’s terms, if the website was to be described as a skeletal structure, then back-end frameworks would form the spinal cord.

Finding the Right Web Development Agency

As a business or company, you may want to invest in a website for many reasons. Before starting this process, it is important you know the types of web application development features and whether these agencies can provide you with the one you are looking for.