01. The Challenge

Information Technology in health care is to provide a reliable bridge between health care facilities and people who need those facilities to maintain quality of life. Roseto is one of those ambitious ideas which focus on the digitalization of the results from metabolic panels performed by health care facilities overtime to evaluate patients’ medical conditions and provide instruction so that the person seeking advice can benefit and monitor his progress. It also provides detailed insight and comparative quantifiable data to health care facilities to fine-tune their approach. 

02. The Goal

A system needs to be designed which communicates with another system to digitize the results of blood chemistry performed by health facilities. The extracted results should be stored and after evaluating each result for each test the system should draw comparisons and provide visual data to health care facilities. The facility then should be able to provide direction to the person and the person can review that information and see how he is doing. There were also some manual logs that needed to be maintained which included blood pressure, waist circumference, weight, and an ECG.

03. Technology Stack

Technologies Used:

  • SSH tunnel
  • Laravel
  • VueJS
  • NodeJS
  • MySql
  • Redis

Our Team:

  • 1 FullStack developer

04. The Solution

Keeping in mind the complexity and importance of the result that we are going to provide on which the healthcare facilities may rely on treating their patients. Our team designed a system that communicates with the onsite device to establish a connection through the SSH tunnel and read raw data stored in the form of XML files and store that data to the cloud system. Extensive testing was needed to ensure the algorithm that we developed to generate quantitative visual data so we teamed up with the co-founder who happened to be a competent doctor with six patients in his clinical trial to test the result and comparison generated by our system.