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Enterprise solution Virtual Team August 4, 2020

Artificial Intelligence the Miracle of Technology

Writen by Bilal Yaqub

Artificial Intelligence the Miracle of Technology

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are now the top trend in IT world. It’s been more than a decade when these terminologies and concepts were first coined, in today’s world we see this concept implementing successful in numerous fields mainly e commerce. The idea and concept of artificial intelligence may not be very old but its implementation an be seen in almost every other aspect of our daily lives. IT industry has started focusing on this concept and the huge investments on research and development of AI has embarked its way to the new era of technology.

Let’s explore how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the development arena.

Artificial Intelligence reduces development cost

Artificial Intelligence has benefited many fields of IT industry. While developing a software the great amount of effort and time is required by the developers. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the manual effort is reducing so do the development cost. Improving code with AI saves a huge amount of server space as well. Fewer server space means lesser charges, which influences the operating expenses directly.

Artificial Intelligence Helps to Know
your audience better

The success of any product is based on the preferences of targeted audiences. It is an important business strategy to gather maximum information about the customer before launching a product. Comprehending the factors that decides the preferences of customers such as demographics, psychographics, time on page, the journey of the customer on the site, and more, is the key to developing the right content for your website. Artificial Intelligence assists industries in getting information about their audience such as their characteristics, behaviors, and priorities.

AI can keep track of website visitors that can be fruitful in the analysis of user behavior patterns. It can help the businesses to bring improvement on the basis of user experiences. The intelligence created by the AI code installed on the website will help in countless consumer-related decisions.

Artificial Intelligence Enhances User Experience

Today’s user is more aware and knowledgeable than ever before. They explore the website of the business before opting for the company. In short, their decision making is high dependent in their experience with the website and the image they have made from it.AI enables the company to know about the customer not only form their own website but also the other internet platforms. It classifies users’ interests and displays related content to influence the buying decision. Artificial benefits businesses by facilitating a personalized experience to their users. It makes the analysis of vast amounts of data more efficiently and identifies patterns of buying, user preferences, credit scores, search history, and more

Artificial Intelligence Enables Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistance is one of the most exciting miracles of artificial intelligence. The replacement of human based assistance with virtual assistance is more efficient and allows faster communication. It eliminates any chance of error and fast response results in satisfied customer services.

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