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Virtual Team March 16, 2020

Covid-19 Reshaping The Work Culture

Writen by Bilal Yaqub

The pandemic disease Corona virus and its outbreak have generated an alarming situation, where the world seems out of the cure. The United Nations World Health Organization(WHO) has warned that the world has entered uncharted territory as this disease initially dropped in China has surged the entire globe with huge intensity.

Drastic effect on the workplace:

This pandemic emergency has brought a sudden drop down in the stock market and growth forecast pointing towards a recession-era. The deadly disease transferring from human to human-like a fire has created multiple challenges for working place. Companies are working hard to generate strategies to keep the employee’s infection free without putting companies’ revenues at stake. Initially restriction of unnecessary traveling, public events and conferences were considered sufficient enough but with the unexpected increase in cases and lack of data in the disease has made the workplace the biggest threat to employee’s health. As a global outbreak of Covid-19 has forced the companies to close down the offices and the unspoken tension and fear of gatherings at the workplace have brought the concept of remote working at the forefront.

Work From Home:

With all the advancement of technology, working from home is one of the most efficient and safe solutions. It is not only effective in generating the company’s revenue and copping up with the loss due to the quarantining of the affected areas while keeping the under consideration-under consideration. The concept of working from home has already made it so convenient for the employees scattered across various geographical locations to coordinate and communicate effectively. Many leading companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft have already adopted this strategy and with effective planning and communication of the HR team and strict security mechanism for online data utilization and distribution.

Remote work:

Mankind has been drastically faced with the horrible toll of coronavirus which has crippled all the dimensions of human life. While the quarantining of cities and sealing of borders has brought us to another unpredictable wave of crisis but its time to know the power of technology which is no less than a blessing in disguise. It is the need of time that the technology can be used at its best to fight the economic challenges due to the lockdown. China was the major victim of this disease, but they utilized the power of remote working to keep the work going.

Reshaping the future:

With all the hopes that this pandemic crisis will soon reach an end, there is a perception that change in business culture might reshape and come up with different dynamics, where remote working will be prioritized. People advocating the concept of remote work with the technical backup, looking forward to a turning point where virtual teams and remote working will emerge with a more positive response and productivity.

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