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Design April 13, 2020

Four characteristics of Powerful User Interface Design

Writen by Bilal Yaqub

In the time of pandemic Covid-19, the recent shift towards online business and work from home has entirely changed the paradigms of marketing and office strategies. While talking of organizations and businesses shifting towards online systems, the design of the system has gone more important than ever. Considering design as making or breaking point of a system, the layout is the first layer of communication. As we know that the first impression is the last impression. In terms of software application, the first impression is the interface that is providing communication between the user and the system. In short the better user interface, the more number of customers will explore and engage in products. Now we will discuss a few important aspects that make the user interface worth it.


While we talk of the user and human interaction through an interface the first thing that comes in mind is clarity, that how the system is going to work. Clarity is a very essential component of a good user interface design. It makes it easier for the user to understand the functions and their usage. In contrary to this if the clarity is missing user will get puzzled and quit. So in order to provide the ease of usability, clarity works as the key component.

Response and efficiency

Response and efficiency can further be differentiated in two ways. The efficient response can be considered as time-efficient, which means whatever the command is given by the user he should get a prompt response for it. In comparison to an interface that takes ages to load, an interface that loads quickly will definitely be the user’s preference. Now considering response in terms of feedback, it will give the user real-time experience. The simple example is showing a progress bar so that the user stays in the loop.

User Interface Design

Attractive layout

The first impression which we talked about is an attractive layout at first. Attractive in terms of the design means something that grabs user attention and they seem to feel amused by it. The attractive layout can be a cherry on top for you simple, easy to use, efficient, and responsive design. The benefit of the attractive design is that the user does not only enjoy using it but will actually look forward to using it again. The aesthetic design of your system should be in line with the functions your system is providing.


The consistent interface is useful in terms of ease of usability, it will allow the user to establish a usage pattern. It will make it easier for the user to understand and differentiate which button, tab or icon will lead to which function. It will encourage the user to explore the system and new functionalities.

In order to create a perfect user interface, the balance between these traits is very important. While achieving this balance, the focus on adjusting it according to the specific requirements will do the trick.

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