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Design January 23, 2023

How to Build a WordPress Child Theme?

Writen by admin_new_bj

How to Build a WordPress Child Theme

Using a WordPress child theme is an excellent way to modify, change, and test your theme during WordPress development without worrying about the risks involved. You won’t lose any customization when updating the parent theme because you’ll modify the child theme rather than the parent.

What is a WordPress Child Theme?

A child theme borrows features from a parent theme. Because any customizations have the potential to change the core theme, editing your WordPress theme can be risky. Using a WordPress child theme instead of changing your theme is a risk-free alternative.

WordPress child themes are separate from parent themes in their folder, and unless they are modified, they rely on the parent theme’s functionality. You’ll see that a child theme is linked to the parent theme when you install it in the dashboard.

The WordPress core will check the child theme files if you use one on your website. WordPress will run the parent theme files if they are not modified.

It’s crucial to remember that a child theme cannot run independently.

How is WordPress Child Theme Different from the Parent Theme?

A parent theme comes with all the template files, stylesheets, CSS, JavaScript files, and other resources needed to run a website during the WordPress development process. On the other hand, the child theme draws its functionality from the parent theme. A child theme is considered helpful for customization.

When is it necessary to use a child Theme?

When you set up your digital store, you must customize your website to align with your business goals. The child theme is used to:

  • Customize Templates
  • Check new features without any risk
  • Develop a new theme and use the existing theme as a starting point

Manual Installation of the Child theme

WordPress only needs a few steps to create a child theme. The e-commerce providers will make a child theme based on the default Twenty-Fifteen theme and change it to understand how child themes work in WordPress fully.

To develop a WordPress theme, follow the steps below.

  • Create a folder for the child theme
  • Then create a style sheet
  • Combine the parent and child stylesheets
  • Edit child style.css file
  • Then Edit single.php

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