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Blog March 20, 2023

How to make money with a WordPress blog

Writen by admin_new_bj

WordPress blog

All types of businesses start blogging to develop a loyal following and make money. Conversely, more and more bloggers are launching businesses as an outgrowth of their WordPress blogs. And it is logical.

Creating a market for new firms’ products is one of the largest obstacles. On the other hand, new bloggers frequently move backward, first creating an audience.  On the other hand, new bloggers often need to catch up. First, they build an audience by constantly posting good content, then figure out how to profit from their readers by publishing quality content, and then look into monetizing their readership.

What is a WordPress blog?

A blog is a website with often updated content typically centered on a single subject. Blogs tend to have a more personal tone than news organizations and other publications, which helps them connect with their readers better.

There are a variety of reasons why people approach a web development agency to establish blogs:

  • To discuss ideas, interests, or peeks into one another’s life
  • To impart their knowledge to others
  • Constructing a working email list
  • To build their skilled personal brand
  • To generate income online

How to start a blog without investment?

Suppose you’re wondering why we begin our tutorial on starting a blog with the subject of monetization. To make this a successful endeavor, you must think more like an entrepreneur than a blogger. We share the following strategy to earn money from blogging:

  • Discover a way to monetize your blog.
  • Choose a topic for your blog.
  • Choose a blog platform and template themes
  • Choose a blog and a domain
  • Create a publishing plan.
  • Encourage readers to visit your blog regularly.

How much money can you make from blogging?

Online material can help full-time bloggers maintain a comfortable lifestyle. In fact, according to the financial blog Millennial Money, those who launch a WordPress blog can make up to $50,000 even in their first year of operation, while bloggers who have grown their readership and traffic make more than $100,000 the year after. 

Get a start with the niche

Whether you’re just starting or have done this a million times before, the success of your blog ultimately depends on your readership. If you want more people to visit your blog and make money from it, you should focus on building an audience with niche and add new content to your WordPress blog. You can sell a book or earn money through affiliate marketing or marketing physical or digital products on your blog.


The hardest aspect of blogging is finding the time and creating the content you’ll need to post regularly. Yet, getting started is quite simple.