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Blog April 30, 2022

Is Shopify better or WordPress?

Writen by admin_new_bj

As an entrepreneur expanding your business outreach, there might come a point when you ask yourself which platform would be a better addition to your company.

Pros of Shopify

Shopify is a software where you set up your online store through subscription-based payment. Why choose Shopify over other eCommerce platforms? If you are a business with an online and physical store, it allows you to sync your online and offline inventory and stock on one account. This makes supply chain management a whole lot easier.

Shopify is more often used by creators who do not have website design skills and have a budget in hand for somebody to build their eCommerce website. This means Shopify allows you to create an eCommerce website without the need for coding. WordPress is more often used by a website builder with web designing skills.

Advantages of WordPress

WordPress is an open-source and free platform where you can create blogs and websites for your business. Another word for WordPress is also CMS or Content Management System. Your website can be designed any way you like, from flexibility to versatility in mind it can be used in a number of categories.

In terms of security, WordPress is safer as content writing has created a long and steady path in the industry. While Shopify is less safe but more popular, and so far it is nowhere near losing its seat in the marketplace.

Understanding Shopify and WordPress

Shopify has 5 different pricing models. Lite is $9 per month which allows you to integrate product catalogs into your website design.  Basic is $29 per month to give you phone support when using an eCommerce website. Shopify is $79 per month and allows 5 people to simultaneously play a role in website design. Advanced is $299 per month and allows for 15 members plus a reduced rate in financial transactions. And Plus is around $2000 which aims for large organizations which need more than usual access and features when building their eCommerce website.

Moreover, there are two types of WordPress: Hosted WordPress and Self-hosted WordPress. Hosted WordPress is similar to Shopify where you pay a monthly subscription to create and maintain blogs and websites. Self-hosted WordPress is WordPress’s own software which is downloaded onto your own website builder.

How to Choose

When choosing a website builder, you look at his market demand. Similar is the case with Shopify. The more users that use it, the more the features are regularly introduced to keep up with market demand.  The large user database also decreases the possibility of a platform’s decline and disappearance of the websites created through it. Similar is the advantage with WordPress as a lot of people are already using it.

However, these two are not the online option when it comes to website design. There are a number of alternatives such as Drupal, Joomla, and Wix.  GoDaddy allows for lower budget rates and BigCommerce has better functionality than Shopify. At the end of the day, whichever platform you choose should serve the goals of your business expansion apart from cutting costs

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