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Design June 15, 2020

Purposeful Design : Witty and Wacky Edition

Writen by Bilal Yaqub

The term design is often associated with the visual layout and apparent outlook however when it comes to a software design, the aesthetical presentation is an important feature but accompanied with right direction to generate the impeccable results that will stand out. Even the aesthetics should be compelled by some resolution and objective relevant to the product. When the software application is going through the design phase the purpose, utility and requirement should be the prime focus. The foundation of the design is dependent on these factors and the right focus will result in flawless design.

This Witty and Whacky edition gave us an insight into the world of design and the importance of the right focus.

Functionality comes before aesthetics

The Witty’s choices have taught us a lot about purposeful design. The cylindrical pattern of the web might have looked unique and appealing aesthetically but in reality it would not fulfil the job web was made for.

Consistency is important

This has also highlighted the importance of consistency. In human computer interaction the ease of usability is important. In order to achieve it the symmetry of patterns and consistency is very important to make it user friendly.

The Whacky’s choice of bigger web also delivered the message that diverting from a consistent pattern can bring many risk factors along that can be harmful not only to your product but potential resources.

Simplicity is the key

Witty has chosen a place that would make his task less complicated while fulfilling all the requirements. The right and simple choices had saved him from unnecessary workflow and waste of resources. So the key to flawless design is simplicity.

More often in order to create something different the focus is shifted from the core purpose and at times the orthodox practices or terminology makes us stick to one frame of idea, ignoring multi-dimensional ideas and opportunities. So, it is very important to keep the ideas open ended while brainstorming. The user and audience and their requirements plays essential role in creating a purposeful design. Create multiple scenarios of users and audience and consider yourself at their place. Critically analyze and jot down the core requirements and how they can be implemented. In short the design should be unique, catchy and equally purposeful.

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