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Enterprise solution Web Application July 2, 2020

Software and Technology: A survival kit for small business in pandemic

Writen by Bilal Yaqub

Since the wave of a pandemic has almost hit all the nook and corner of the world, small businesses are struggling to keep it floating through online sites and managing the competition through improved software services.

Pandemic Started

Since the pandemic started hitting almost every other country, the SOPs and lockdown in such circumstances had a lot to challenge the small businesses. For an instance considering a coffee shop or book store where the tradition of friends hanging out causally or a bookstore where readers would spend ample time looking for the new book in the town kept these small businesses running.

The Trend of Online Stores

The trend of online stores has become one of the widely adopted practices of new normal. It has compelled every other business to embrace the new trends and start focusing on the online store, soft wares, and applications to stay in the competition. This transition of the business to online software-based customer interaction has not only provided a safe zone but also helped them in the toughest times and circumstances.

Pickup and Delivery Services

Now the restaurants whose dine-in is closed can take the orders online with pickup and delivery services, grocery stores also following the same trends. Shops selling clothes, books, or other household items have started focusing more on their websites to improve the customer’s services. The enterprise software is equally facilitating the business by managing all the records, and listing the products .transactions and other business essentials. The adaptation of technology that was slowly and gradually taking place took a sudden turn and the trend has started increasing rapidly.

Software and Technology

Creative and Efficient

It is the need of time that businesses need to be smarter creative and efficient while investing and focusing more on the online store and back end software. The customer is getting more aware and it is easier for them to compare and analyze before choosing the best option. So in order to cope up with the modern challenges, it is important to understand the new dynamics and newly reformed business strategies should be focusing more on the online flow of the business while virtually reopening the businesses. This will not only help in generating more efficient revenues but will also be beneficial in terms of expansion as customers are free to access and purchase the products regardless of physical distances.

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