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Blog Design April 30, 2022

Top Website Design Blogs

Writen by admin_new_bj

Are you looking for some inspiration regarding your next website design project? Or are you interested in adding some cool new features to your website and want to know what’s trending? Keeping up to date with the most popular website design blogs will help you solve all these problems.

These top web design blogs are great sources of information and guidance for aspiring website designers. These blogs will provide you with interesting content such as using and integrating cool new features or news regarding what’s happening in the industry.

Here are your top five website design blogs:

1. Webdesigner Depot

Providing you with updates regarding the latest technology, helpful tools, and resources for website designers, WordPress, Shopify, and eCommerce websites; Webdesigner Depot brings you information from a range of experienced authors and professionals from the field.

They also provide you with complete informational coverage of applications and tools if you are interested in learning freelance project management. Other than that, you can keep up to date with their monthly newsletter subscription.

2. Smashing Magazine

Another popular choice among web design professionals is Smashing Magazine. Content is organized into categories such as javascript, user experience, web design, and accessibility.

Along with blog posts, Smashing Magazine also provides ebooks and guidebooks regarding technical aspects of web design and other categories. They are perfect for guiding you when creating your eCommerce website. These resources are easy to use and come along with images and tips to help you navigate through.

3. The Design Blog

This blog is the perfect place to go if you are looking for inspiration. The Design Blog brings you ‘Designer of the Week’ on Mondays, quote of the week, and featured videos and resources. Of course, articles and blogs are included.

Uniquely the Design Blog categorizes its data according to days of the week. One of their notable sections is ‘Web Design Wednesdays’ which brings you amazing inspirational content and information to guide you through your next website design project.

Similarly, they release UI and UX designs on Thursdays. And every Friday, they provide their visitors with downloadable resources.

4. Web Design Ledger

In contrast to the Design Blog, Web Design Ledger provides you with impressively organized information regarding website design, WordPress, Shopify, and resources for first-time eCommerce website owners.

Content is beautifully organized e.g. for web designers you have categories such as portfolio work, business development, mobile design, and eCommerce. Subcategories include sections such as User Interface Design, graphic design, and website development.

The website also comes with a motivation section that brings you budding ideas from web design professionals from over the world and top rates explore tips to guide you through it.

5. Mockplus Blog

This website also acts as a company, providing its customers with tools such as interactive prototyping and scalable design systems. Mockplus Blog also provides you with tutorials and instructional articles to guide you through the process.

Their categories are impressively categorized with blogs providing you with additional tools and software. Mockplus may have the most responsive web design as compared to the web design blogs mentioned.

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