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Design September 14, 2022

Upgrades Your Business Needs in 2022

Writen by admin_new_bj

Upgrade your business need

If your business does not have a website or an online presence, then you are depriving it of significant potential profits and growth. Almost 40% of customers have shifted to online shopping since after the pandemic. There has been observed growth of 80% in online purchasing power since 2021. One of the two ways you can get your business online is through WordPress and Shopify development.

WordPress Development

WordPress is an open-source platform which means anyone can access and use it. They are used for many types of business including blogging and content creation websites. It is an excellent tool for companies and businesses of all scales and sizes looking to grow their presence online.

Some examples of businesses that popularly use this platform are blogs, forum websites, event websites, educational websites, and e-commerce stores.

WordPress Developer

A WordPress Developer is a person who is an expert in designing and implementing your business ideas for websites using the WordPress platform. They have vast knowledge regarding the structure and development of new features which can be added as website extensions.

Benefits of WordPress Development

WordPress Development could be one of the simplest and easiest software to make your website on the internet. It makes use of several types of coding languages to build a strong base for your website to grow. The biggest advantage is that you do not need to understand coding to learn how to develop a website using WordPress.

WordPress is free of cost and can be excesses by anyone. however, you need a domain and web hosting platform to use their services which you will need to buy. That is still a good option considering it’s a one-time fee. WordPress also makes use of SEO to rank your website higher on search engines. Other than that it offers great flexibility, support, and customizable options to cater to your taste and theme for your brand.

Shopify Development

Shopify is a platform meant for e-commerce businesses who want an online presence and pursuit, however, not their website. Shopify extends its functionality over the basic features that you would expect to be available for your pursuit. They are constantly coming up with new features and updates which you can integrate into your e-commerce business to make it more attractive for customers.

Benefits of Shopify Development

Shopify offers a great customer experience when they browse through your business on it. New customers often have difficulty navigating websites, however, Shopify integrates the simplest layouts including a mobile app to cater to the comfort of their users.

You can also highlight certain features which will promote and make your business stand out in face of competition. Customer features are also available to the market and promote your products on the website. The app also means enhanced user experience.