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Web Application April 7, 2020

Web-based Application A Budding Asset

Writen by Hassan Siraj

Modernizing today’s business systems by switching to web-based applications yields a wide range of business advantages over traditional desktop applications. The advancement of technology, fast internet speed, and multi-level security has immensely boosted the scope of web-based application especially with the diversity of fields relying on it. The topmost web applications are based on accounting systems of business, CRM systems, and Microsoft offices. Web-based applications have a diverse range of benefits to offer over native desktop applications.


Web-based applications provide a uniform system that is a web browser. The uniformity of the environment eradicates the need for multiple operating system versions and configurations. It helps to reduce the cost of web applications by simplifying development and troubleshooting.

Ease of access:

In most of the traditional desktop applications, we need a specific medium of accessibility, but in case of a web application, it is accessible anywhere anytime all we need is an internet connection. This gives the authority to the user with ease of access.

Ease of Sharing Data:

The advantage of using a common platform of the web with internet technology across the entire web industry is the ease of sharing data between multiple applications at multiple levels, it gives an edge to the web application on desktop application. If we consider online shopping applications, the accounting data of finances can easily be shared with an integrated web-based application.

Centralized Security:

The edge of the web-based application is its centralized security, mostly it is installed on a centralized web server where security is strictly monitored by an IT professional. This helps protect the sensitive information of a business that needs confidentiality. The data will be available to authorized personals through web applications anywhere, anytime. In this way, data is secure in the central location and does not need to be placed on multiple pcs

Reduced Hardware Costs:

Web-based applications do not need specific hardware hence eliminating the requirement of client PCs. The host server will deal with all the processing, designed to respond promptly, serve simultaneously while being tolerant to deal with a high load of demand. In this way, the requirement of hardware for multiple processes can be eradicated. This is very beneficial in saving the cost for businesses

Greater Availability of Information:

One of the biggest benefits of web-based applications is the real-time processing of information. It can be very beneficial in an office setup where reports and information needs immediate up-gradation and dispersal. It is an efficient replacement of the paper-based distribution of information and reports. It can speed up the performance of an organization and centralization of information.

Web-based custom application development can offer clients with substantial cost savings and efficient progress. With the ease of internet access being universally available and good internet speeds applications that previously had to be client-based can now be deployed on the web providing more benefits to business on multiple grounds.

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