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Design July 15, 2022

Basics to Web Design and Development

Writen by admin_new_bj

Basics to Web Design and Development


To run a successful web design agency, you need to know and maintain the difference between an online store and a static brochure website. You need to know what is the purpose of such a web design agency and the front-end and back-end development related to it.

If you are a businessman or woman, then your business must need a website. Your business will need an online platform through which it can sell its products and services to a wide range of potential customers and a larger target audience.

Small-scale vs Large-scale businesses

Even if your business is small-scale, you should still make a website. Besides, it’s easier to maintain a website for a smaller business as it does not need as much content. However, if you own a large business, then you will need the services of a web design and development expert.

Importance of Web Design and Development

When it comes to large organizations such as a company, the development team can comprise several and up to 100 people. The growing set of software and tools used by developers are expanding day by day and developers can use these latest methods to update your website.

Other than that, blogs are also changing the way people communicate. People write about their experience regarding a business’s product or service. If your business gets reviewed on a popular blog, it can attract a lot of potential customers your way. The most convenient way for the blog to direct these customers to your business would be through a website link.

Adding to this, cloud services are now enabling customers to interact with applications from many locations through software such as dropbox and google drive. A responsive website should be able to be accessed from many devices in many locations.

The Web Development Process

Initial Call

The initial call allows for the development team to better understand your business, goals, and objectives. This will allow the web design and development team to better suggest themes, color schemes, and branding.

Design and Content

The design team will make drafts of how the page layout will look and you will be able to alter or suggest changes to your liking. Then the content team will create content for each of the pages of your website. The content team will most likely keep in touch during this phase to get your thoughts on the build. After the final touches, the development team will develop the page layout.


When the designing stage is completed, coders will do the coding for your website. The coding is the final stage, which leads us to the launch. Here the web design agency will be testing pro-operations of the website and ensuring it doesn’t crash or stop working. It’s the responsibility of every agency to provide you with this service.