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Blog Web Application August 16, 2021

Number of Pages in a Small Business Website

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Number of Pages in a Small Business Website

In today’s business competitive world exploring different avenues of tapping the potential target market is crucial for the survival and profitability of any business. There has been a growing interest in e-commerce development or online business platforms to maximize customers’ reach. This e-commerce growth has seen an exponential boom in the last 2 years during Covid-19 when physical marketplaces experienced big hits as the whole world came to a halt amidst markets’ shutting down to stop the spread of Corona. Therefore, this is an opportune time for anyone planning on launching their e-commerce business even if it’s a small-scale business as e-commerce development will help to maximize your business’s potential as the customers have become comfortable with the shift from physical to online shopping.

To launch an e-commerce business, you need an online selling platform. While there are many ways of selling your products or services online such as Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, websites, etc, in this article we will be discussing websites’ development. There are many things that one needs to take into consideration during the process of website design and website development. However, here the emphasis is going to be on how many pages should there be on a small business website.

The focus during website design and website development should be on quality, user interface, and attractiveness of the website. Many people focus on having numerous pages as they think that will make the website more attractive. However, keep in mind that even one of the most popular web applications such as YouTube started with only one video. It is with the time that it became the giant that it is today.

Website development has never been as easy as it is today, thanks to open-source content management systems such as WordPress. WordPress is a platform through which you can have a running website in no time. There are plenty of themes and layout designs to choose from. And remember your website is a work in progress that will keep on improving with time in the light of your customers’ experience, reviews, and the products and services you offer, etc.

We would recommend reviewing your competitors’ websites to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t in your specific business field. Moreover, start the website development and website design process with the help of web applications such as WordPress and keep it simple in the beginning because firstly, you are still in the initial phase of your e-commerce development and secondly, you are developing the website for a small business.

You can start off the website development and website design with 6 pages i.e., home page, about us, products/services page, customers’ order form page, customers review/complaint, and contact us page. The most important aspect of e-commerce development is quality over quantity and taking time to experience with the user interface, get regular customers’ reviews and develop and improve your website according to the suggestions you receive. As by following these suggestions you will have a successful up and running website in no time.

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