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Blog Web Application September 8, 2021

Why create a Webstore on Shopify?

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Why create a Webstore on Shopify?

Shopify is a name that many of us have started hearing very recently, if at all. However, probably most of us don’t know what the company does or how it works. Shopify is an e-commerce development company that provides online retailers with a number of services from shipping, marketing, payments, customer services etc. The users can do website design and website development through a range of layouts available on this e-commerce platform.

In today’s world, especially with the spread of Covid-19 and resulting lockdowns of physical businesses and marketplaces, the need for e-commerce has grown exponentially. Many business owners all over the world are looking for web applications for their businesses’ e-commerce development to help them stay afloat and grow. For these needs Shopify comes in very handy as, with its help anyone can setup their own web store online to sell their products and services. The company provides you with the complete website development tools to work on the backend functions such as inventory and stock tracking, monitoring sales etc., as well as the frontend functions such as the website design, its layout, and themes.

Shopify has made it very easy for even the amateurs to do their own website development instead of paying hefty fees to the professionals. The ease of access and use of this e-commerce platform is one of the reasons why it has grown so quickly since its launch in 2015. Right now approximately 1 million brands all over the world are using Shopify as a web application software as well as to boost their businesses and sales. Its use is not just limited to small and medium sized businesses but also big names such a Pepsi and Fashion Nova are using Shopify. In England alone there are more than 80,000 Shopify merchants. In 2019 more than 300 million customers from around the world purchased stuff from Shopify’s merchants.

This exponential growth in the use of Shopify worldwide is due to the ease of using this platform for e-commerce development in comparison to other web applications as well as the amount of money that it charges. To begin with you can use the platform on a trial basis which is free and after that the basic packages of Shopify start at £29 per month.

So don’t wait any longer. Make the most of this boom in the e-commerce industry and sign up on Shopify today to create your own web store where you can sell your products and services and not worry about the shutting down of physical marketplaces during Corona.

To begin creating your web store, make sure you have an idea about your website design as that will come in handy to select and design the layouts and themes when you are in the process of website development on Shopify. The e-commerce development platform will then guide you on how to keep track of your stock and inventory, monitor business analytics, market your products and services, and manage customer services. In short Shopify will enable you to manage both the backend and frontend activities of your webstore.

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