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Blog eCommerce Solutions September 6, 2021

Beginner’s guide for an eCommerce platform of small business

Writen by admin_new_bj

eCommerce platform for small business

Beginner’s guide: eCommerce platform of small business

This article is a beginner’s guide explaining the eCommerce platform of small business.

In the past, businessmen and women focused on having functioning and attractive shops to attract their target customers. In this rapidly changing world, the trend has now shifted to having functioning and attractive websites to increase online customer traffic. This trend was especially expedited by Covid-19 when the whole world shut down and the only way businesses were operating was online. Therefore, the need to have an online presence to sell your products and services to the target market has become more important than it ever was before.

One way of creating an online presence is via websites. Website design is a critical part of website development. Deciding on your website layout, several pages, color schemes, and what information to put where may all seem like very daunting tasks. However, today there are plenty of web applications, available online that can help a newbie understand the process of e-commerce development.
When creating a Website design, deciding on the number of pages is a crucial step to be kept in mind throughout the process of website development. Doing market research by looking at other e-commerce businesses, their websites, and the web applications they used for their website development can help in getting an in-depth idea of how one’s Website design could look.

It’s important to not get carried away by looking at websites with a lot of pages and thinking this is how your website needs to look from the get-go. Remember all the big websites today started from scratch. Their number of pages and content increased with time, in the light of the changing market demands and needs, their customers’ feedback, and the products and services they offer. Therefore, aiming to start with a Website design comprising of 6-8 pages is a good initial aim for website development. You can start with the homepage, products, and services page, about us, customer services page, contact us page, etc. Web development platforms such as WordPress can vastly help you in your e-commerce development as it has a variety of templates for you to choose from. Just remember to start small and follow the theme of your business so that the whole website development process takes place smoothly and the Website design looks coherent at the end.

Once you have completed your e-commerce development with the help of WordPress or Shopify it’s time to launch the website and analyze the customer’s response. Make sure to ask the customers for their feedback via surveys about the Website design and your overall e-commerce business, and also analyze the sales patterns. As data collected from these observations will help you modify and edit your Website design in an informed manner.

Follow these guidelines, do your market research and you will end up creating a functioning and attractive website. Good luck!

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